Who Murdered Harold Guy Coll?

Unsolved murder victim, Bellefonte's Union Cemetery I was wandering the grounds of Bellefonte’s Union Cemetery photographing some of the notable people buried there, when I decided to seek out an ancestor buried near the grave of Governor Daniel Hastings. While I had a rough idea where she was buried, I found myself wandering back and … Continue reading Who Murdered Harold Guy Coll?

Unsolved: Meyer Cemetery John Doe

Meyer Cemetery John Doe I slowly walked among the stones of Meyer Cemetery, located in the rolling hills of the Buffalo Run Valley, west of Bellefonte. I scanned the tombstones, taking in the familiar names of people I had known growing up. Though many of those buried on these sacred lands are familiar to me, … Continue reading Unsolved: Meyer Cemetery John Doe

Ghosts of the Garman

Note: Before I start this article, on September 9, 2012, the historic theater burned to the ground. A new building has been erected on the ashes of the ruined theater. The Garman stood along East High Street, across from the Centre County Court House. It has been replaced with an office building. After being closed … Continue reading Ghosts of the Garman

September 11: Remembering Jonas

Note: All the yearbook entries are in italics and are the words that Jonas wrote in middle and high school. I did not correct any of the spelling errors in his writings – they’re his words and I would not have felt right changing them It has been eighteen years. Eighteen years. It feels like … Continue reading September 11: Remembering Jonas

Bellefonte’s Haunted Hastings Mansion

Hastings Mansion, Bellefonte Please note: This is private property, so please be respectful of the land owner and please, no trespassing. The building can be viewed from Allegheny Street. One of the most interesting historic buildings in Bellefonte is the Hastings Mansion located at the corner of North Allegheny and Lamb Streets. The mansion takes … Continue reading Bellefonte’s Haunted Hastings Mansion