Fort McCord and The Battle of Sideling Hill

Leaving Chambersburg, I headed northwest toward the distant mountains. I was taken in by the beauty of the rolling hills of the Cumberland Valley as I made my way toward the memorial to the fort that once stood in the shadows of the Blue Mountains. No wonder the early pioneers had the desire to settle … Continue reading Fort McCord and The Battle of Sideling Hill

Pvt. George Sandoe: Gettysburg’s First to Fall

“Where are we headed?” Zech asked as we left the Gettysburg National Military Park Museum as he scanned the list of monuments I wanted to visit on this trip. “The Twenty-First Pennsylvania Cavalry,” I replied as I turned right onto Baltimore Pike. “It’s the closest one.” A short distance later, just south of Colgate Avenue, … Continue reading Pvt. George Sandoe: Gettysburg’s First to Fall

The 90th Pennsylvania Monument

There possibly is no other place in Pennsylvania that attracts as many people as the Gettysburg Battlefield. From the first visit, I found myself caught up in the history and lore of these hallowed grounds. With each return trip, I discovered new and exciting pieces of information about the battle, the monuments, and the general … Continue reading The 90th Pennsylvania Monument

Gettysburg’s First Shot Monument

As with all of the previous times I had traveled west on Route 30 from Gettysburg, I missed the marker. No sooner had I passed the coordinates when the GPS began screaming for me to find a place to turn around and head back east. “Did you see a monument?” I asked. Zech answered that … Continue reading Gettysburg’s First Shot Monument

The Battle of Blanket Hill

Markers for Blanket Hill, Kittanning Zech spotted the familiar blue historical marker in the distance. We had been following Route 422, headed westward towards Kittanning. The route, though it doesn't follow the exact route of the Frankstown Path, still gives a sense of the long journey that the captives were forced to take and Colonel … Continue reading The Battle of Blanket Hill

The Destruction of Kittanning

The town was preparing for a festival the day Zech and I arrived in Kittanning. Parking for a place near the monument was non-existent. Most of the parking spaces were filled with vendors preparing for the events of the weekend but the traffic and crowds were not going to deter me from my goal. I finally … Continue reading The Destruction of Kittanning