Margaret Sutton and the Judy Bolton Mysteries

When Jessica emailed me and asked if I had ever heard of the Margaret Sutton, I had to admit that I had not. After a couple emails back and forth – in which she sent me rough directions to the cemetery where Sutton was buried - I decided to visit the grave of the Pennsylvania … Continue reading Margaret Sutton and the Judy Bolton Mysteries

Frederic Godcharles

Grave of Frederic Godcharles, Milton Growing up, Daily Stories of Pennsylvania by Frederic Godcharles was one of the few books I had read and reread until I had most of the stories memorized. The collection of stories helped foster my love for the state’s history as I often found myself lost in those stories. It … Continue reading Frederic Godcharles


Grave of George Washington Sears, aka Nessmuk “So who are we looking for?” my father asked as I turned off Nichols Street and passed through the stone arch gate onto sacred grounds of Wellsboro Cemetery. "Nessmuk," I answered, drawing a blank look from both my parents. "Remember the historical marker up at the park?” The … Continue reading Nessmuk