Fred Frankhouse and the Unrecognized No-Hitter

Resting place of Fred Frankhouse, New Church Hill Cemetery, Port Royal I finished paying my respects to John B. Thompson, a Medal of Honor recipient who rests in the Old Church Cemetery west of Port Royal, and turned my attention towards the cemetery on the opposite side of Route 75. Note: More about John B. … Continue reading Fred Frankhouse and the Unrecognized No-Hitter

Robert “Bob” Ramazzotti

Robert Ramazzotti, Calvary Cemetery, Altoona I finished paying my respects to Thomas "Tommy" Irwin and walked back toward the vehicle. Though I knew I had a number of graves to visit on this trip, I knew there was another baseball player who rested close to Irwin’s resting place. Note: more about Irwin can be found … Continue reading Robert “Bob” Ramazzotti

Thomas “Tommy” Irwin

Thomas "Tommy" Irwin, Calvary Cemetery, Altoona “Weren't we here a couple weeks ago?” mom asked as I turned through the gates of Altoona’s Calvary Cemetery. “Yes,” I responded. That particular visit we had stopped to visit the grave of John Hickman, a Medal of Honor recipient, and George “Germany” Smith, a baseball player. Note: More … Continue reading Thomas “Tommy” Irwin

Walter “Heavy” Blair

The Blair Mausoleum, Lewisburg “Where’s the next grave at?” mom asked as I crawled back in the vehicle. I had finished visiting the grave of Civil War casualty Colonel James Cameron, who died during the First Battle of Bull Run. Note: More about Colonel Cameron can be found here: Colonel James Cameron.  “We’re headed to … Continue reading Walter “Heavy” Blair

Richard Kauffman’s Bizarre Baseball Behavior

The resting place of Howard Richard Kauffman, Lewisburg Lewisburg Cemetery was one that I had become familiar with over the last two years – every time I thought I had visited all the notable buried resting within the borders of the cemetery, I discovered another grave or two I wanted to visit. I had stopped … Continue reading Richard Kauffman’s Bizarre Baseball Behavior

George “Germany” Smith

George 'Germany' Smith, Calvary Cemetery, Altoona I finished paying my respects to Medal of Honor recipient John Hickman, before turning my attention toward another notable person who rests within the borders of Altoona's Calvary Cemetery. Knowing he was buried in the same section as Hickman, my father and I spread out to search the stones … Continue reading George “Germany” Smith