The Laying of A Ghost

Fog lingers in the hollows of north-central Pennsylvania Over the years, I've read numerous stories about how to "lay a ghost" - that is, how to put the spirit at rest. Most of these stories often have a religious overture to them with the blessing and cleansing of the home or building. However, there are … Continue reading The Laying of A Ghost

The Phantom of Five Locks

The water filled canal along Five Locks Road - note the green heron in the foreground Having spent the majority of the morning bouncing around Berks County, I took a moment from my journey to visit the grave of Adeline Baver, whose unsolved murder has become a part of regional lore. After I stopped to … Continue reading The Phantom of Five Locks

The Gray Lady of Haag Cemetery

The Fahrenbach Memorial stands guard in the early morning rain Over the years I have collected hundreds of ghost stories and haunted places within the borders of Pennsylvania and when I’m in the area, I like to stop and visit these haunted locations. What brought me to Berks and Lebanon Counties was a haunted tour … Continue reading The Gray Lady of Haag Cemetery

A Haunting at Hickory Bottom Cemetery

Hickory Bottom Cemetery Note: This is not to be confused with "A Haunting in Hickory Run". The haunting of the Hickory Run State Park can be found here: A Haunting in Hickory Run. It was almost like a scene from a horror movie. As I entered the cemetery the wind began to blow and it seemed … Continue reading A Haunting at Hickory Bottom Cemetery

Daniel Karstetter’s Guardian Horseman

A scene in the Seven Mountains Traveling through the Seven Mountains region of Central Pennsylvania has always proved to be an adventure of its own. Away from the hustle and bustle of State College, the dirt roads that navigate the mountain range provide opportunities to see deer, turkey and bear. But driving through them provides … Continue reading Daniel Karstetter’s Guardian Horseman