The Tea Springs “Spook Wolf”

The remnants of an old road near Tea Springs The first time I had ever heard of a “spook wolf” was in the mid-1990s while doing research at the historical library in Bellefonte. On one of the trips I was talking to another researcher about our subjects of study. When I mentioned I was looking … Continue reading The Tea Springs “Spook Wolf”

The Laying of A Ghost

Fog lingers in the hollows of north-central Pennsylvania Over the years, I've read numerous stories about how to "lay a ghost" - that is, how to put the spirit at rest. Most of these stories often have a religious overture to them with the blessing and cleansing of the home or building. However, there are … Continue reading The Laying of A Ghost

The Phantom of Five Locks

The water filled canal along Five Locks Road - note the green heron in the foreground Having spent the majority of the morning bouncing around Berks County, I took a moment from my journey to visit the grave of Adeline Baver, whose unsolved murder has become a part of regional lore. After I stopped to … Continue reading The Phantom of Five Locks

The Gray Lady of Haag Cemetery

The Fahrenbach Memorial stands guard in the early morning rain Over the years I have collected hundreds of ghost stories and haunted places within the borders of Pennsylvania and when I’m in the area, I like to stop and visit these haunted locations. What brought me to Berks and Lebanon Counties was a haunted tour … Continue reading The Gray Lady of Haag Cemetery

A Haunting at Hickory Bottom Cemetery

Hickory Bottom Cemetery Note: This is not to be confused with "A Haunting in Hickory Run". The haunting of the Hickory Run State Park can be found here: A Haunting in Hickory Run. It was almost like a scene from a horror movie. As I entered the cemetery the wind began to blow and it seemed … Continue reading A Haunting at Hickory Bottom Cemetery