The Hidden History of Halfway Hollow

Could this unnamed hollow be the mysterious Halfway Hollow? The moment the car slowed I knew I was going to have company. I watched as the car turned onto the cemetery grounds and stepped away from the camera set-up to wait for its arrival. Though I was set up on the hillside above the Card … Continue reading The Hidden History of Halfway Hollow

The Boots of Amandon Baker

Grave of Amandon Baker, Fishing Creek Cemetery. Note the age on his stone is wrong - he was 57 when he passed. I was visiting the Fishing Creek Cemetery in search of a baseball player who rests among the stones. The small rural cemetery was one of the last places I would have thought to … Continue reading The Boots of Amandon Baker

Along the Way: The Masked Woman of Mount Nittany

Mount Nittany, near Zion When I was researching the story of the ghost that haunts old Yearick’s Cemetery, the main written resource was an article I had uncovered many years ago in the Centre County Historical Library. The article was written by Ron Bracken was undated and lacked a source, though I believe it was … Continue reading Along the Way: The Masked Woman of Mount Nittany

Along the Way: The Bloody Ghost of Brush Valley

Brungart Cemetery Note: The cemetery itself is not haunted - at least I have no ghost stories involving it - and is used as a reference point to where this story takes place. “Have you ever heard anything about the area around Brungart Cemetery being haunted?” Brenda, a former co-worker, asked during a recent meet-up. … Continue reading Along the Way: The Bloody Ghost of Brush Valley

The Smethport Airship Mystery

Looking east from Smethport I had spent the day crossing the northern tier of Pennsylvania, searching for the hidden stories known only by locals. Having spent the morning touring a couple cemeteries along Route 6, I arrived in the town of Smethsport. Parking on the eastern edge of town, I scanned the distant mountains. While … Continue reading The Smethport Airship Mystery

The Wolfman’s Grave

Not the Wolfman's Grave, but a cemetery in the Schwaben Creek Valley The countryside of the Schwaben Creek Valley was a step back in time to a simpler day. Located in the southern-most portion of Northumberland County, the valley is far from the crowds and busy everyday life of the Harrisburg metro region, just a … Continue reading The Wolfman’s Grave