Trotter’s Curse: Part Two

The Antes Schoolhouse at Black Moshannon State Park. Located along Route 504 - the Philadelphia-Erie Turnpike Note: The first part of this article can be found here: Part One It was freezing outside as I huddled in the warmth of the vehicle that was buffeted by the wind. My initial plan was to get out of … Continue reading Trotter’s Curse: Part Two

Trotter’s Curse: Part One

Buelah Presbyterian Cemetery. John Trotter rests in an unmarked grave somewhere on these grounds It was hot. It was humid. Neither one of us wanted to step out of the comfort of the air conditioning. The vehicle's thermometer was reading ninety and it was not even noon yet. Zech and I sat studying the historic … Continue reading Trotter’s Curse: Part One

The Sad Spirit of Swamp Church

Bethesda Evangelical Church: AKA "Swamp Church" Note: The Bethesda Evangelical Church is on private property. Please respect it and no trespassing. Among the first stories I can remember hearing as a child involved a haunted church located deep in the countryside between Penns and Brush Valleys. I could see the church from a distance and … Continue reading The Sad Spirit of Swamp Church

Mary’s Mysterious Demise

Grave of Mary Reeser, Chestnut Hill Cemetery Note: I’ve been asked a number of times if and when I was going to do Mary’s story. Her story originally appeared almost ten years ago and had been pulled to be a part of Histories and Mysteries of Pennsylvania: Volume I. For this Halloween season, I’ve pulled … Continue reading Mary’s Mysterious Demise

The Burial of Allen Ketlaw

Fog lingers in the hollows of North Central Pennsylvania As most of you are aware, I love walking cemeteries. I enjoy looking at the artwork that covers many of the stones. I find the sayings chiseled into the stones interesting as I read what their families thought about the fate of their loved ones. I … Continue reading The Burial of Allen Ketlaw

The Lady and The Lantern

Along Beil Hill Road Note: The lands along Beil Hill Road are private property, so please be respectful of the land owners and please, no trespassing. The road is a public road and travel on it is permitted. Also, I changed the name of the storyteller by his request, but his exact email responses are … Continue reading The Lady and The Lantern