Medal of Honor: James B. Thompson

Medal of Honor recipient James B Thompson Note: I want to start by stating that in numerous sources James B. Thompson is sometimes confused with James G. Thompson, also a Medal of Honor recipient. James G. Thompson served with the Fourth New York Heavy Artillery and holds the distinction of being part of a set … Continue reading Medal of Honor: James B. Thompson

Unsolved: Fairview John Doe

View of the West Branch Valley from Hyner View Note: Throughout this article, I refer to the unidentified man as Fairview John Doe due to the location where his remains were buried. Scanning the field of stone I knew the person for whom I was searching did not have a recorded burial location. If there … Continue reading Unsolved: Fairview John Doe

Jacob Glessner and The Murderous Minister

Grave of Jacob Glessner, Berlin I had never been in Berlin, Pennsylvania before. Entering town, I turned onto Main Street and soon turned onto Fifth Avenue. A short drive along the roadway allowed me to see the plot of old stones on the right side of the road at the corner of Fifth Avenue and … Continue reading Jacob Glessner and The Murderous Minister