Unsolved: The Baby in the Box

Hickory Bottom Cemetery, Woodbury In the summer of 2021, I made a stop in Woodbury to photograph the graves of three U.S. Civil War soldiers buried in the sacred grounds of the Hickory Bottom Cemetery. The cemetery, which was once a part of the Zion Reformed Church grounds, rests along Hickory Bottom Road, amid fields … Continue reading Unsolved: The Baby in the Box

Unsolved: The Murder of Hugh Muirhead

Grave of Hugh Muirhead, Oak Ridge Cemetery, Unionville I turned my attention from the grave of Benjamin H. Rich, a young man whose love of football would result in his death in 1897, and scanned the garden of stone known as Oak Ridge Cemetery. It was comforting to see the American flags flapping lazily in … Continue reading Unsolved: The Murder of Hugh Muirhead

Benjamin H Rich: A Fatal Football Game

The memorial marking the plot where Benjamin H. Rich rests, Unionville I passed through the small community of Unionville, in Centre County, and headed toward Oak Ridge Cemetery on the southwestern side of town. Had I not known where to turn for the cemetery, I would have easily passed by it - the sign marking … Continue reading Benjamin H Rich: A Fatal Football Game

Unsolved: Black Moshannon’s Unknown Man

The Antes Schoolhouse, Black Moshannon State Park Black Moshannon State Park has always held a special place in my life. As a youngster, my parents would bring us here to fish. In high school and college, it was the place where a group of us would gather for picnics or spend our time fishing or … Continue reading Unsolved: Black Moshannon’s Unknown Man

Medal of Honor: Patrick Monaghan

Patrick Monaghan, St Joseph's Cemetery, Girardville The Medal of Honor symbolizes the ideals of patriotism, courage, sacrifice, and integrity and is the highest award presented for military valor in action. Those recipients have shown bravery in combat, going above and beyond the call of duty, risking – and often sacrificing – their lives for the … Continue reading Medal of Honor: Patrick Monaghan

Hollenbeck Cemetery: Haunted?

Memorial in Hollenbeck Cemetery Note: I need to place a warning on this article. When I first visited Hollenbeck Cemetery it was in 2008, during the daytime, and done with respect for those buried there. I do not encourage trespassing, after-dark visits, or ghost hunting on sacred pieces of land. Hollenbeck Cemetery has been heavily … Continue reading Hollenbeck Cemetery: Haunted?