In the Line of Duty: Wilson Lewars

Police Chief Wilson Lewars, Hamburg It had been a while since I last stepped foot on the sacred grounds of St. Johns Cemetery in Hamburg. The last time I was detoured on the back streets of town due to a construction project involving Old Route 22. Unfortunately, this trip fared no better - a broken … Continue reading In the Line of Duty: Wilson Lewars

Pennsylvania’s Phantom Hitchhikers

Janesville Pike is just one of Pennsylvania's haunted stretches of highway I’ve always been fascinated by the phantom, or vanishing, hitchhiker phenomenon. Usually categorized as urban legend rather than ghost lore, the phantom hitchhiker is a common ghost story shared across America. Over the years, I’ve shared some legends and lore which fall into the … Continue reading Pennsylvania’s Phantom Hitchhikers

Strangeness in Southcentral Pennsylvania

Who knows what strangeness hides within the borders of Pennsylvania? “In the late 1980s, I had an odd experience which you might find interesting,” Tabitha emailed. In her email Tabitha continued to share an odd experience in 1988. That summer saw Tabitha and her sister staying with her grandparents in Hanover. “It was a typical … Continue reading Strangeness in Southcentral Pennsylvania

In the Line of Duty: William Cunningham

William Cunningham, Burnside Cemetery, Burnside The first time I traveled Route 219 between Dubois and Ebensburg, I discovered a road rich with history that many are unaware about. That journey included a visit to a Medal of Honor recipient, a local folk figure and the only covered bridge remaining in Clearfield County. Note: More about … Continue reading In the Line of Duty: William Cunningham

Unsolved: Luzerne County Jane Doe 1973

Location where the unidentified lady was discovered. Photo: Standard Speaker (Hazleton, Pa) August 10, 1973 Note: Before I start, I want to clarify the name of this Jane Doe. In most places she is merely noted as Luzerne County Jane Doe. I have added the year 1973 to her name for two reasons: 1) her … Continue reading Unsolved: Luzerne County Jane Doe 1973

Leonard Rhone’s Picnic

Leonard Rhone. Centre Hall Arriving in Centre Hall, I turned onto West Church Street and soon saw the cemetery on the left side of the road. Making a left turn onto North Willow Avenue, I made an immediate right onto the sacred grounds of the Centre Hall Reformed and Lutheran Cemetery, which is known by … Continue reading Leonard Rhone’s Picnic