Caine Road Covered Bridge

Caine Road Covered Bridge, Ohio

I left the Graham Road Covered Bridge and headed southward towards a nearby covered bridge located five miles upriver. Turning onto Caine Road, I could see the covered bridge immediately ahead of me and found parking on the west side of it. Note: more about the Graham Covered Bridge can be found here: Graham Road Covered Bridge.

Stepping out into the warmth of the early afternoon, I studied the modern covered bridge. Unlike its neighboring covered bridge, the Caine Road Covered Bridge does not have a storied history. It was erected in 1986 as part of the one hundred and seventy-fifth anniversary of Ashtabula County. Named after the Caine Family, who were early settlers in the area, the covered bridge was dedicated on October 12, 1986 as a part of the county’s Covered Bridge Festival.

The bridge has a single span and was erected using a Pratt Truss, making it the first covered bridge to be built using this design in Ashtabula County. It has a length of one hundred and twenty-four feet and spans the West Branch of the Ashtabula River.

The building of this bridge made its mark on the land. When it was decided to build the bridge, it was erected at its current location on dry land. Once construction was completed, a channel was dug and the river was slightly rerouted to flow under the covered bridge. The river was originally just east of its current location.

I walked to the center of the bridge and was taking pictures of the waters flowing below when I felt something watching me. I glanced around and was surprised to see a large golden retriever sitting at the western entrance to the bridge. While I’m a dog person, the mere size of this golden retriever with the way it stared caused me to keep a careful watch on it.

I was still taking pictures when I saw it stand up and walk out onto the bridge. Not knowing how it was going to react, I stepped to one side of the bridge to give the large dog room to pass. It never hurried nor slowed as it passed. I just stood there watching it as it exited the bridge and laid down in the yard next to the bridge.

Evidently, I was an intruder on its bridge.

The dog was still watching me as I finished photographing the bridge and packed up my camera, leaving the bridge to the watchful eye of its guardian.

One thought on “Caine Road Covered Bridge

  1. Beautiful bridge! Thank you for sharing. This may be a day trip for me…soon. As a dog owner, I know strange dogs can be unpredictable. Glad you’re safe.


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