Along the Way: Smolen-Gulf Covered Bridge

I had just made the left turn onto Seven Hills Road from Route 11, heading towards Chestnut Grove Cemetery when Zech asked if I noticed the sign for a nearby covered bridge. We were visiting Ashtabula, Ohio, to pay our respects to Philip Bliss, the noted gospel writer who died in the Ashtabula Train Disaster … Continue reading Along the Way: Smolen-Gulf Covered Bridge

A Christmas Spirit

Note: Everything in italics has been taken from the emails Scott sent me. Do you believe in Santa Claus? If not Santa Claus, how about some other Christmas spirit? Maybe a Father Christmas figure? Or possibly some other spirit that only makes its appearance during the Christmas season. Some would laugh and say yes, they … Continue reading A Christmas Spirit

Fort McCord and The Battle of Sideling Hill

Leaving Chambersburg, I headed northwest toward the distant mountains. I was taken in by the beauty of the rolling hills of the Cumberland Valley as I made my way toward the memorial to the fort that once stood in the shadows of the Blue Mountains. No wonder the early pioneers had the desire to settle … Continue reading Fort McCord and The Battle of Sideling Hill