The Grey Lady of Camp Chase Cemetery

Note: many early sources refer to this sacred piece of land as the Camp Chase Confederate Cemetery, something I must admit that I too have done and occasionally still do. While Confederate soldiers make up the majority of those buried on this piece of land, there are also Union soldiers and other local residents who rest … Continue reading The Grey Lady of Camp Chase Cemetery

The Ghost of White Deer Pike

Note: I usually do not start an article with a note and I've never started one with this long of a note. However, in the past couple weeks, I have been informed that one of the stories that was originally posted here a long time ago (June 22, 2012) appears in another author's collection.  Borrowing … Continue reading The Ghost of White Deer Pike

Along the Way: Greenway Canal Covered Bridge

I was headed east on Interstate 70, having left Columbus, Ohio in the rear view mirror, when the GPS unit started telling me I had arrived at my destination. Knowing the covered bridge was definitely not on the interstate, I glanced to my right and could see the covered bridge down the embankment and a … Continue reading Along the Way: Greenway Canal Covered Bridge

The Ashtabula Train Disaster

“Are you sure you know where you are going?” Zech asked as I parked at Cedarquist Park along the eastern bank of the Ashtabula River. “I know exactly where we need to go,” I spoke solemnly. “This isn’t the first time I’ve been here.” Though it had been a number of years since I had … Continue reading The Ashtabula Train Disaster

Searching for Sallie

“Are you sure we're on the right road?” Mike asked. I had already lost count on the number of times he had asked the question since we had turned onto the narrow back road of northern Pennsylvania. The road twisted around the hilly farmland that I was quickly falling in love with; the crest of … Continue reading Searching for Sallie