Dorcie Calhoun: A Man With A Vision

Author's Note: This article continues the story that started in last week’s entry, "The Kettle Creek Project.” It started with a dream so vivid it would stay with the young man for years. In this dream, the young man was shown a location where, if he dug, he would uncover a great wealth. Years later, … Continue reading Dorcie Calhoun: A Man With A Vision

The Kettle Creek Project

Stepping out of the vehicle, I was instantly overwhelmed by the beauty of the area dressed in the vibrant colors of early autumn. However, I was not on this hilltop overlooking the Kettle Creek Valley merely for the view. On this hilltop is the resting place of many early settlers and strangely the hilltop serves … Continue reading The Kettle Creek Project

Marie Doro: A Forgotten Actress

I arrived at the cemetery overlooking the confluence of the Juniata and Susquehanna Rivers in search of a famous person buried in the sacred grounds. I had never heard of this person prior to receiving an email from Ryan. It was his email that brought me to the Duncannon Presbyterian Cemetery in search of Marie Doro, a … Continue reading Marie Doro: A Forgotten Actress

The Lamb’s Gap Murders

Resting near the rear of Evergreen Cemetery in Duncannon is a simple grave that gives no hint of the tragedy that befell the young lady resting there. Buried next to her parents, the stone only states her name and her birth and death dates: “Leah E. Ellenberger - 1902-1924.” Roughly fifteen miles south of here, … Continue reading The Lamb’s Gap Murders

Fort Couch

In the distance, there was a storm brewing, both figuratively and literally. Standing on the breastworks overlooking Harrisburg, Camp Hill, Lemoyne, and Mechanicsburg, I could see the storm in the distance. The storm that brought me here was an approaching battle as the Confederate army advanced northward into Pennsylvania. However, another storm – a physical … Continue reading Fort Couch

Rev. Steadman and “The Most Wicked Man in the World”

I arrived at Evergreen Cemetery, located on the eastern edge of Union City, with directions to the grave I was seeking and thankfully those directions were correct. In a matter of minutes I was standing at the grave located among the rolling hills of Evergreen Cemetery. Near the back of the cemetery is the simple … Continue reading Rev. Steadman and “The Most Wicked Man in the World”