Along the Way: Tillie Pierce

“Years have come and gone since the happening of the events narrated in the preceding chapters, but they are as indelibly stamped upon my memory.”  Tillie Pierce It took much longer to locate the Selinsgrove Lutheran Cemetery than I had planned. The directions I had been emailed added a handful of unneeded turns – I … Continue reading Along the Way: Tillie Pierce

Buried in Three Graves: The Murder of Charlie Silver

I was talking with a friend the other day and the conversation turned to some of my recent travels. “I really enjoy reading where you’ve been and what you’ve experienced. It is like a game trying to figure out why you visit the places you do and where you are headed to next.” I humbly … Continue reading Buried in Three Graves: The Murder of Charlie Silver

The Babes in the Woods

I entered the grounds of Westminster Cemetery, located on the northwestern edge of Carlisle to pay my respects to three young girls whose senseless murders in 1934 shocked the residents of the Cumberland Valley and grabbed the attention of the nation. Heading west from Carlisle on Route 641, I entered the cemetery through the second … Continue reading The Babes in the Woods

Along the Way: Patsy Cline

I arrived at the Shenandoah Memorial Cemetery, situated south of Winchester, Virginia along the Front Royal Pike, as fog was beginning to settle on the landscape. Stepping out of the vehicle, I opened my notebook and was in the process of reading the information for the grave I sought when a car pulled up next … Continue reading Along the Way: Patsy Cline