The Secret of the Hooded Graves

A while back I received an email from Eric who asked: What do you know about the Vampire Graves near Bloomsburg? I've always heard that the cages placed over the graves are because they were victims of vampire attacks. Another story says the cages were to keep the vampires from coming out of their graves … Continue reading The Secret of the Hooded Graves

Hiking the James Cleveland Trail

On May 24, 1931 Airmail Pilot James "Jimmy" Cleveland lost his life when his plane failed to clear Mount Nittany and crashed near the top of the mountain above Centre Hall. I grew up knowing the history of the crash and though I knew there was a memorial for James Cleveland at the top of … Continue reading Hiking the James Cleveland Trail

The Murder of Louiza Fox

Note: Although most modern accounts of the murder spell the victim’s name Louisa, I am using the spelling Louiza, the spelling as it appears on her tombstone and in most of the histories of the region. “Do you purposely find the roughest roads for us to travel on when you plan out our journeys?” Zech … Continue reading The Murder of Louiza Fox