Off the Hook: The Caleb Wallace Murder

"I’m assuming that you know where the grave is?” Mike stated as we passed through the gates of Oakland Cemetery. The sacred ground, which is the resting place of many of Warren's important families, sits on the south bank of the Allegheny River overlooking the city of Warren. “The good news is we’re not searching … Continue reading Off the Hook: The Caleb Wallace Murder

Ravensburg Jane Doe: Part Three

Pausing at the vehicle I listened as Rauchtown Run bubbled and babbled nearby. The quiet, peaceful scene was broken only by the occasional vehicle that passed on nearby Route 880. Ravensburg State Park is a mere seventy-eight acres, surrounded by the Tiadaghton State Forest and retains a remote feeling though it is only a couple … Continue reading Ravensburg Jane Doe: Part Three

Ravensburg Jane Doe: Part Two

I arrived at Ravensburg State Park after sharing information I had uncovered about the unsolved murder that had happened here with my good friend and Clinton County historian Lou. Although the unidentified woman discovered at the Big Rock camp ground on July 15, 1925 remains nameless, we have come to know her as Ravensburg Jane … Continue reading Ravensburg Jane Doe: Part Two

Ravensburg Jane Doe: Part One

Getting out of the vehicle, I studied the garden of stone that surrounded me. The Dunnstown Cemetery is the final resting place of area residents, with the most famous being Peter Grove, a noted Indian fighter of Central Pennsylvania. Having been here before I was familiar with his resting place and walked to where his … Continue reading Ravensburg Jane Doe: Part One