The Penn’s Creek Massacre: Part Two

The first part of the Penn's Creek Massacre can be found here: The Penn’s Creek Massacre: Part One Hidden along Penn’s Creek, near the spot where it empties into the Susquehanna River, are two markers hidden from view although they are a very short distance from a number of major roads – Route 522 terminates … Continue reading The Penn’s Creek Massacre: Part Two

The Penn’s Creek Massacre: Part One

I completely missed the monument. To be honest, I drove right past it. Even though I was driving slowly along Ridge Road I was past it before my father called out that I had just gone by it. Although the monument was only feet off the road, it was hidden under the two dead shrubs … Continue reading The Penn’s Creek Massacre: Part One

The Powell Squib Factory Disaster

Resting on the hills overlooking the community of Plymouth and the Wyoming Valley is the Shawnee Cemetery. Named in honor of the Shawnee Indians, who once lived on the flats along the Susquehanna River, this sacred spot is the final resting place of many of the town’s residents. Successfully navigating the maze Plymouth's of streets, … Continue reading The Powell Squib Factory Disaster

Spirits of Snyder Cemetery

Note: If you choose to visit, please remember that this is a cemetery and those buried here should be paid the respect they deserve. There is something about abandoned cemeteries that causes people to think they are haunted. Even when confronted by facts, many maintain the facts are wrong. They insist the cemetery must be … Continue reading Spirits of Snyder Cemetery

Along the Way: Legend of the Sulphur Spring

Please note: This story was first recorded by Henry Shoemaker, so take it as you will. Though this story may have very well originated from his mind, it has become a part of regional lore. Also, the Indian names he uses are italicized in the story. Henry Shoemaker had a story for almost every place … Continue reading Along the Way: Legend of the Sulphur Spring